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A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. | HVAC Repair in Florence, SC

A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. knows the dynamics of air conditioning and heating and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality HVAC service at competitive prices.

Click here to request an appointment or feel free to browse our website for further information about our company and services. Need service ASAP? Give us a call 843-669-3319.

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A1 Comfort Systems has partnered with Duke Energy to provide customers with an unbeatable deal! 

From now until August 31, 2019 you can save $300 when you upgrade to a 16 SEER or greater HVAC system. Plus you can qualify to earn up to $450 in rebates from Duke Energy to offset the cost of your new HVAC system.

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How Does an AC Unit Work?

Young Man Scratching HeadWith spring in full force and summer right around the corner, warm weather is here to stay! People in South Carolina are dependent on their air conditioning units to keep them cool during these warm seasons. While so many people rely on AC units, many do not know how they actually work. Therefore, this blog will explain how an air conditioning unit works.

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HVAC System Pollen Prevention

HVAC Pollen PreventionSpring is officially in full swing, so it’s that time of year when people start suffering from pollen allergies again. Of course, you might feel that simply staying indoors as long as possible is a good way to avoid your allergies, but there’s an insidious terror lurking in your own home that could trigger nasty and often violent allergy attacks.

We’re talking about your HVAC system, the very same machine that’s also responsible for heating and cooling your home. Here in South Carolina, we enjoy numerous lovely spring days, however, we’re simultaneously bombarded by pollen. During this season, those yellow spores can find their way into your home. The worst part? Once the pollen outside starts to settle down, your home’s pollen count will remain the same unless you do something about it. In fact, indoor pollen levels can even rise after the allergy season ends.

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