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10 Signs It's Time To Call The HVAC Pros

Your home’s HVAC system is probably one of those things you rarely think about when it is running as intended, but the moment there is any sign of trouble, it can leave even the most intrepid homeowner with a deep sense of dread.  However, you can avoid living in an arctic tundra this winter by keeping an eye out for common signs of a struggling HVAC system. By contacting a technician to address the problem sooner rather than later, you can prevent total breakdown when you need your air conditioning most, and potentially costly repairs.

Your Air Conditioning Delivers Warm Air

If you have your air conditioning turned on, yet your home still feels uncomfortably warm, position your hand above one of the supply registers to feel for the temperature. If the air feels warm, then your system is not adequately cooling your home, and your energy bill will climb.

The Airflow from Your Registers is Weak

While your home may feel comfortable, weak airflow suggests that most of the air that you are using energy to heat or cool is not arriving at the desired destination – your home. Weak airflow could be a sign of leakage in your duct system, warranting repairs.

Your Unit Turns On for Short Cycles

If your unit comes on to only run a few minutes, then shuts off again, the system is not effectively eliminating moisture from the home causing it to feel humid and sticky. Quick cycling also causes more wear and tear on system parts requiring more frequent replacements.

You Feel Extreme Temperature Variations

Does one room feel like the surface of the sun while another could effectively store your frozen foods? A qualified A-1 Comfort Systems technician can address issues with your system to achieve consistent comfort throughout your living space.

The Unit Makes Unusual Noises

Is your unit making sounds that can only be described as "a racket”? While heat pumps are certainly not known for silent operation, unusual sounds such as grinding, clanking, or squealing suggest something is off, requiring maintenance.

Something Smells

Foul, musty, or burning smells can be signs of mold growth or burning wire insulation. Call for a technician if this occurs.

Energy Costs are Skyrocketing

If your heart skipped a beat when you opened this month’s energy bill, it could be a sign that your unit is not running as efficiently as in previous months. While it isn’t unusual to experience a climb in costs during the hottest and coolest months, big jumps signal that it’s time to have the HVAC system serviced.

There Is a Significant Amount of Dust

A dusty home despite efforts to keep the house clean can indicate a dirty HVAC system that is moving dirt and debris throughout the home. Be sure to change your filters monthly, and if the problem persists, contact A-1 Comfort Systems to service your system.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time the Unit was Serviced

Ideally, homeowners should have their units serviced annually to keep their units running at peak efficiency, however life can often be less than ideal. If it has been a while since a technician serviced your system, bite the bullet and schedule an appointment soon. Invest in your HVAC system today so that it keeps you comfortable tomorrow.  

By being aware of these common problems, you can be conscientious in keeping your home and family comfortable in the year to come. Don’t wait till the cold days of winter to ensure that your system is running at tip-top efficiency. Call today and schedule your appointment to have one of our experts service your system.

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