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Five Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

August is here and the temperatures are still high, which is likely leaving you with an elevated electric bill as you try to keep your home or business cooled. We're here to help-- check out our top five tips to reduce your energy bill this summer:

Consider adding blinds or drapes to windows.

If you have uncovered windows, it is likely that a large percentage of the heat in your home is directly related to the sun. Investing in blinds or drapes will dramatically cut down on the amount of sun shining into your house (and will also give you more privacy in your home).

Save 5-15% on your AC bills by turning up the thermostat when you're not home.

You can bump it back down to a comfortable level when you return home (or invest in a programmable thermostat that can automatically adjust the temperature before your arrival).

Become a fan of fans.

Ceiling and box fans use less electricity than HVAC units. The key to this tip is to circulate air throughout your home-- if you're in a one-story home, close the windows closest to the fan and open the ones farther away. The circulating air will help evaporate any sweat, allowing you to cool by evaporation.

Don't use the stove!

Stove-tops and ovens can create a lot of heat and moisture in your home. Can't wait to try out your new recipe? Try cooking during the cooler evening hours.

Consider replacing your AC unit.

While purchasing a new AC unit is certainly an investment, it's one that could cut your energy bill in half. If you're seeking to improve energy efficiency in your home, you'll want to look into a unit with a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) or an Energy Star-qualified unit.

We hope these tips will help you to keep your home cool while keeping your costs down this summer!

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