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0% Financing for New Qualifying Customers

0% Financing for Qualified Customers for Natural Gas HVAC and Natural Gas Water Heaters.

Starting April 16th, 2018, SCE&G, will be running a limited time financing offer for all newly qualified customers. Any customer that is interested in switching to Natural Gas HVAC may qualify for 0% financing from SCE&G.

Heating or cooling your home by using natural gas can decrease your overall utilities costs by creating a more energy efficient system in your home. Natural gas appliances and utilities have proven to be more cost-effective, last longer, and require less maintenance. There are several key benefits to switching to a natural gas powered HVAC unit such as increasing the value of your home, providing warmer heat in the winter time, decreasing overall utility bill and creating overall improvements in energy use throughout your home.


SCE&G has made it possible for residential customers to save energy and money without sacrificing home comfort. By investing in energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, consumers will save money on their monthly bills. Whether you are interested in replacing your heating and cooling equipment or making duct improvements, SCE&G’s residential Energy Wise Heating & Cooling Program offers rebates to help offset the upfront cost for purchases of energy-efficient products and services.

There are several rebates and offers that are available for new customers with SCE&G that include:

                                $300 - $500 towards the cost of purchasing and installing Energy Star qualified HVAC units and heat pumps

                                $150 - $300 towards the cost of improving residential ductwork

                                0% Financing on switching to Natural Gas HVAC and Natural Gas Water Heaters

Customers that are interested in learning more about switching to Natural Gas HVAC and Natural Gas heat pumps can visit or contact A1 Comfort Systems today.

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