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HVAC Inspections: What to Know Before Buying a Home

Purchasing a new home is supposed to be a great experience but for many it can be a traumatic experience. Having taken a loan from her local bank, it’s easy to rush out and buy a home without consulting the experts or lawyers. When one does not consult those with proven experience in home purchases or repairs, what is meant to be a great experience can turn into a death trap- no ventilation, dark and cold rooms during the winter. Many situations such as these can be avoided by understanding the risks, warning signs, and importance of inspections. HVAC inspections are just as important as a home inspection or termite inspections. We have compiled several important points to help you understand just how much of an impact the HVAC system has on a home.


It identifies hidden flaws

Getting a licensed inspector is very important, as they can detect any flaws that would otherwise be hard for the buyer. This inspection is mainly aimed at the investments and other significant items, like the repairs. The inspector has full rights to access the roof, structure and the exterior of property to ensure everything is in working order. If the conditions are unpleasant, it's time to move on to the next seller.

It saves money in the long run

Conducting a proper HVAC inspection before purchasing the home saves extra money that one could have spent on other home expenses. If the heating system consumes a lot of electricity, it makes sense to switch to a more cost-effective solution.

Gives buyer the ground for bargaining

Having the inspection done by an expert gives the buyer valid points for negotiating the price of the house. If the house has a leaking roof or poor heating system, they should lower the cost or fix the problems found by inspection. It is illogical to spend $1 million dollars on buying a house that has a value just half that amount.

One should know the rate of breakdowns

Wear and tear are part of a deal since the house is a subject to depreciation. Having the HVAC inspection done by an expert gives knowledge of the state of the different systems and possible rate of breakdown. It gives a better perspective for the buyer on the amount they might need to put aside for such costs.

It is recommended for safety reasons

Having an HVAC inspection done is crucial since it protects the buyer from risks that could result from faulty systems. That is why it is advisable to get such expert estimate of the risks involved in the house.

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