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A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. | HVAC Repair in Florence, SC

A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. knows the dynamics of air conditioning and heating and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality HVAC service at competitive prices.

Click here to request an appointment or feel free to browse our website for further information about our company and services. Need service ASAP? Give us a call 843-669-3319.

Hurricane Preparedness: Protecting Your HVAC Unit During the Storm

Meteorologists are currently tracking Hurricane Matthew, a powerful Category 4 hurricane similar to Hugo, which could potentially hit the Carolinas by the weekend. As you begin to stock up on supplies and put into place your emergency preparedness plan, we also recommend using the tips below to protect your HVAC system should Hurricane Matthew hit.

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Time to Call the Pros: 10 Signs Your HVAC Unit Needs Servicing

Your home’s HVAC system is probably one of those things you rarely think about when it is running as intended, but the moment there is any sign of trouble, it can leave even the most intrepid homeowner with a deep sense of dread.  However, you can avoid living in an arctic tundra this winter by keeping an eye out for common signs of a struggling HVAC system. By contacting a technician to address the problem sooner rather than later, you can prevent total breakdown when you need your air conditioning most, and potentially costly repairs.

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Prepping Your Heat Pump for Fall

Fall is just a little over a month away, which means in addition to pumpkin flavored everything, the days will be getting shorter and temperatures will begin to cool. To ensure that your heat pump is up to the task of keeping you warm in the months ahead, here are a few things we recommend to help you prepare your heat pump for the transition from summer to fall.

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