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How Cold Weather Affects Your Health

Cold Woman

Whether we like it or not, winter is finally here. That means low temperatures are out in full force. The cold is unpleasant. It makes us shiver, it makes our teeth chatter, it causes runny noses, it dries out our skin, and it cancost us a fortune in heating bills. But red cheeks, sniffles, flaky skin, depleted bank balances, and chattering teeth could be the least of our problems. The cold weather can also bring with it a wide range of potentially serious health risks.

Here we’ll look at how the cold weather affects your health, and how you can arm yourself against the threats to your wellbeing with the right HVAC unit.

It’s A Magic Carpet for Diseases.

Viruses and diseases love the cold weather. Many viruses can live longer and can replicate much faster in colder temperatures. Thus, the winter weather creates the perfect environment in which diseases can thrive and spread. Therefore, many of us find ourselves getting sick more often in the colder months. Your parents were right when they said playing in the cold would make you sick!

It Can Weaken Your Immune System.

For leisure, we tend to gravitate towards confined places like shopping malls, stores, and restaurants to seek shelter from the weather during the winter months. However, when we do this, we create a grueling challenge for our immune systems. When people are packed more closely together, diseases are far more likely to spread.

It Can Aggravate Asthma.

Those with asthma must take extra care to stay warm in the winter months. The cold weather causes numerous parts of our bodies to constrict, including the respiratory system. Very cold weather can cause our airways to tighten, and this can make breathing more difficult for all of us, but especially those who suffer from asthma.

Colder weather increases the respiratory rate, which combined with a head cold, can leave us breathing through our mouths rather than our blocked noses. As a result, an influx of cold, dry air enters our lungs and causes inflammation and swelling of the airways.

It Can Result in Joint Pain.

Those who suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis often find themselves tortured by their joints in the winter months. This is because the cold weather raises barometric pressure which then increases the stress on our joints.

It Can Even Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack.

Cold weather constriction not only affects our airways, but it also impacts the cardiovascular system and increases cardiovascular stress. When we’re not properly combatting the cold weather, our blood vessels can narrow, resulting in an increased risk of a heart attack.

How A HVAC Helps.

A HVAC system benefits us all year round, but it can be a vital way of protecting your health during the winter months. A well-maintained HVAC unit can help you enjoy warm weather inside by controlling the humidity in your homes. This can counteract many of the health risks previously mentioned. Not only does it keep you healthy and well, but it makes your home blissfully warm and extraordinarily cozy.

If it’s been a while since your HVAC got some TLC, get in touch with A-1 Comfort Systems today to make sure that it’s ready to protect your health this winter!

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