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How Does an AC Unit Work?

Young Man Scratching HeadWith spring in full force and summer right around the corner, warm weather is here to stay! People in South Carolina are dependent on their air conditioning units to keep them cool during these warm seasons. While so many people rely on AC units, many do not know how they actually work. Therefore, this blog will explain how an air conditioning unit works.

The Cooling Process

An air conditioning unit converts the air inside your house into a liquid, and then changes that liquid back into a gas. The unit utilizes a number of different chemicals to accomplish this task. This transformation process creates that delightful cool breeze you experience when you stand under an AC unit. Once the procedure is complete, these same chemicals transfer the heat from inside your property to the exterior of your home. Thus, the unit removes the warm air so you can enjoy the cool air it just produced.

The Three Key Components

Now that you have a basic understanding of the general cooling process, it is important to note that not all air conditioning units are the same. People can accessorize their machines by adding a number of different features and add-ons to enhance cooling performance. Nevertheless, the three main components found in any AC unit are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator.

The refrigerant chemical, or cooling fluid, inside of the AC unit becomes a low-pressure gas when it reaches the compressor. This is a key part because the compressor literally compresses the liquid and remaining gas together. As the liquid becomes more condensed and packed, it gets warmer, which then energizes and circulates the substance throughout the entire unit. Thus, the compressor’s function is essential in cooling the room down.

After the compressor, the unit then transfers the resulting material to the condenser. The condenser separates the substance, resulting in a coolant fluid and a highly pressurized gas. The gas exits the house via an opening at the rear of the machine. Therefore, the condenser removes the heat from the room by placing it outside.

Once this part of the process is complete, the fluid from the condenser becomes much colder. The liquid will then go through a small hole that leads to the evaporator. During this part of the procedure, the liquid begins to transition into a vapor, while the temperature is also dropping rapidly simultaneously. The cooled gas then leaves the AC unit, therefore, making the room much cooler. This process repeats until the machine reaches the desired, perfect temperature.

All AC units come with built-in filters for safety purposes. The filter stops any solid particles, like dust, from getting into the room. This also ensures the unit runs as efficiently as possible by preventing particle congestion in the machine that would hinder performance.

Need Your AC Unit Inspected?

If you think your unit is experiencing problems related to the process described above, then contact A-1 Comfort Systems today. Whether you are looking for an air conditioning contractor in Florence, SC, or you need a new air conditioning unit installed, look no further than A-1 Comfort Systems. We will make sure your air conditioning unit is up and running so that you have a comfortable and enjoyable summer. Contact us here for more information. You can also find a more detailed explanation of our services offered here.

From the team at A-1 Comfort Systems, we wish you a cool Memorial Day!

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