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How Dry Air Affects You and Your Home

Graphic Living Room SmallDry air is generally defined as air with less than 45% humidity. Dry air is incredibly common during the winter months because the temperature drops, and the air becomes much colder. Since cold air can’t retain as much moisture as warm air, there is a lack of humidity during the winter months, which leads to a dry air environment.

At A-1 Comfort Systems Inc, we have a lot of experience with dry air. As an experienced air conditioning contractor in Florence, SC, we know that it can be a pretty serious issue come January and February in this area. Dry air can be a problem because it affects you and your home in various ways. Listed below are issues caused by dry air that you could possibly face this winter.

Dry Air Can Cause Infections

Dry air can be the cause of sinus infections, colds, and the dreaded flu. It all stems from the lack of moisture in the cold air. This deficit results in the air trying to obtain moisture from any source, including people. As a result, it steals moisture from your body, which can dry out your nose and reduce your mucus generation. This is an issue because mucus prevents infections and germs from getting into your sinus cavities. Without the nasal mucus, the probability of catching a cold or sinus infection increases.

Frequent Nosebleeds

On a similar note, dry air drying up your nasal passages leads to a higher chance of nosebleeds. You may find your nose bleeding more often than usual in winter. This is never pleasant because the blood can stain your clothes.

Dry Skin

Since dry air steals moisture from your body, it essentially is one of the main causes of dry skin during winter. Your face, hands, and lips can all feel very chapped, cracked, and rough. You can apply moisturizer or lip balm to combat dry skin.

Damage to Furniture and Electronics

Surprisingly, dry air can also damage your furniture, especially objects made from wood. As mentioned previously, dry air seeks moisture from any available surface, and this includes your furniture. With dry air absorbing moisture in your home, this could lead to cracks and splits in wooden furniture.

Dry air can also affect your electronics because of the high amount of static electricity in the air. This generally isn’t an issue during summer because regular humidity rates prevent static electricity from building up in the air. Since cold air lacks humidity though, the static continues to build until it unleashes itself on electronics and damages the internal wiring and components. You can also give yourself a surprising, unpleasant shock as well due to static electricity!

In summary, dry air is a problem for both you and your home. It’s mainly an issue during the winter because the air is dryer. Here at A-1 Comfort Systems, we’re HVAC experts that can help you monitor humidity levels in your home to prevent the problems discussed above from happening to you.

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