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Preventive AC Maintenance Plans for Florence and the Surrounding Areas

We tend to take our air conditioners for granted, but they play an important role in maintaining ideal temperatures and good air quality in your home. Not only do air conditioners circulate filtered, clean air throughout your home, but they are also helpful for individuals in your home who might have allergies. This is because when clean air circulates throughout your home, it reduces the levels of pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, mildew, and other airborne allergens that can invade your home.

To create a healthier, more comfortable environment in your home and allow your family members and other guests to breathe freely, most experts recommend having your HVAC system professionally checked at least once a year. If you have a heat pump system that you run year-round, you will need to have a maintenance check every six months in order to keep it running efficiently.

To schedule AC maintenance in Florence, contact us online or at (843) 588-1711 today!

During your AC maintenance appointment in Florence, the HVAC technicians at A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. will inspect and replace your furnace filter if necessary. When you work with A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc., you will be working with a team who has been passionately serving the Florence community since 1978.

We will make sure to complete your AC maintenance with diligence and attention to detail. Your tune-up will include inspection, cleaning, and service. The services we perform at that time will be personalized to the needs of your system. It will depend on the level of issues, if any, that we notice throughout the inspection. We will also inspect the exterior of the heater and ventilation systems for warning signs of deterioration.

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

HVAC maintenance is a small investment that makes a noticeable impact on the living experience your home. Some of the reasons it will be helpful to schedule regular AC maintenance as recommended include:

If the air quality in your home is suffering, your family or guests can be exposed to a variety of health issues while they are simply breathing. In fact, according to the EPA, the health effects of indoor air pollutants include nose irritation, eye irritation, throat irritation, headaches, dizziness, respiratory disease, fatigue, heart disease, and even cancer. Regular AC maintenance will improve the quality of indoor air in the following ways:

  • Cleaning and replacing the air filter

This step is important because it prevents dust from entering the heating and cooling system because the air that circulates through the building must flow through the filter first. If the filter is dirty, the air that circulates throughout your home is dirty.

  • Cleaning the air ducts

Dust and debris can accumulate in the ductwork of a building and contributes to the irritants in the air. Regular air duct cleaning will prevent this

  • Repairing parts as needed

At A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc., we can inspect the AC unit to see whether it is experiencing issues like water leaks, refrigerant leaks, failed electric control, frozen evaporator coil, and AC fan failure. If any of these issues are occurring we will provide necessary repairs. If the parts of the AC machine are left unattended, the system will fail to regulate humidity levels, which can add to toxic biological growth.

  • Saving money

If sections of your HVAC system are left unattended, it might end up breaking down, which will cost more money in the long run. Even though AC maintenance is an upfront cost, it can prevent more extensive costs in the future. Scheduling regular maintenance can reduce energy bills and make your system last longer. Preventative maintenance will help make sure your system runs as close as possible to peak efficiency. Overall, maintenance could save you up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

To schedule your AC maintenance in Florence or the surrounding area, call A-1 Comfort Systems, Inc. at (843) 588-1711 or contact us online.

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