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Homeowners throughout the Florence, SC area rely on heating systems to provide comfort throughout the winter season and throughout the entire year. When there are issues with their heating systems, our team is here to fix them and restore the ideal temperatures in their home. Some of the most common heating problems that people encounter in their homes include:

  • Lack of maintenance

You probably don’t see your heating system every day the same way you see other parts of your home, so caring for it might not be on the top of your “to-do” list. Unfortunately, this tends to be an area that is neglected until it is too late. Avoiding regular maintenance can cause ineffective heating, premature repairs or replacements, and higher energy bills.

  • Dirty or clogged filters

Dirty or clogged filters tend to restrict airflow, which makes the appliance work harder to circulate air that damages the indoor air quality. Filters are especially important in homes with excess hair, pet dander, smoke, aerosols, and other allergens because they will allow you to experience the most breathable indoor air possible.

  • Overrun heat pump

Heat pumps that are being run constantly often cause issues. Overuse of heat pumps along with undersized equipment and ductwork, low refrigerant, and faulty reversing or compressor valves wreak havoc on the quality of the heating system. Heat pump issues can be complex, but our Florence heating repair experts will help yours get back to running as smooth as possible.

  • Ductwork issues

When air ducts move air throughout your home, air enters through the HVAC system through certain sections of the ductwork. Your ductwork can run into issues due to poor design, improper installation, dirty ducts, inadequate airflow, and poorly sealed registers and grills.

  • Refrigerant tubes issues

Refrigerant tubes are what connect the evaporator coil and the condensing coil, so they connect the indoor and outdoor HVAC units. One of the most common problems that people run into with refrigerants is leaking, which can be caused by formic acid and a variety of other corrosive elements. Our team will work to get to the bottom of the issue and prevent further leaks in the future.

  • Thermostat issues

The thermostat is likely the part of the heating unit that you are most familiar with. The thermostat is what regulates the flow of a heat transfer fluid as needed and maintains the ideal temperature in your home. Some newer thermostats can be incorrectly programmed. Other potential issues include improper installation and an uneven level that prevents it from operating correctly. We can identify what is causing issues with your thermostat and make sure you can keep your home comfortable.

Why Is Regular HVAC Maintenance Important?

It is recommended that your HVAC system be checked at least once a year, and twice a year for some models. Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent the issues above, and will help you reap the following benefits:

  • Peak efficiency

Certain parts of your HVAC system, like the filter, wear out over time and become clogged. Regular maintenance will prevent this issue and keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible.

  • Saving money

If your furnace is running at peak efficiency, it does not have to work as hard to produce the proper amount of heat. Because of this, efficiency will save you money and having regular maintenance will actually reduce the need for repairs down the road.

  • Decreased risk of unexpected issues

Typically, when unexpected issues happen with HVAC systems, it is because regular maintenance has not been performed. We are here to address any issues that arise and repair your HVAC system, but regular maintenance will help prevent the parts of your HVAC machine from wearing down and needing premature replacements.

  • Extended life of unit

Perhaps the most important benefit of regular maintenance for your HVAC unit is the fact that it can extend the overall life of the unit, which will save you money and keep your home comfortable through the seasons.

For heating repair in Florence, or if you need assistance with other HVAC systems, call us at (843) 588-1711 or contact us online.

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