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Have you ever turned on the heat, only to be greeted with an uncomfortably stuffy room? What about an unexplained rise in allergy symptoms, even indoors? Maybe you find yourself dusting and dusting, not understanding where all the excess dust comes from. The answer to these problems may all be tied to a drop in your indoor air quality due to a heating or cooling system that’s desperately in need of cleaning and repair!

A-1 Comfort Systems Inc has decades of experience improving the indoor air quality of homes throughout Florence, SC and nearby. Call (843) 588-1711 to learn how we can help you!

What Happens When You Breathe Bad Air Quality?

Breathing in bad air quality can lead to both short term and long term problems. In the short term, bad air quality can cause shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dryness in the eyes, throat, and skin. In some long term cases bad air quality has been connected to increasing the risk of certain diseases including heart disease and certain cancers.

Proper Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

At A-1 Comfort Systems Inc, we focus on every aspect of heating, cooling, and ventilation. We understand it’s not just about how to keep your home comfortably warm or cold. Ventilation is also key to providing maximum indoor air quality. Proper installation, routine maintenance, and keeping your HVAC systems clean all go a long way in maintaining high air quality.

Your vents are the primary way in which hot or cold air is able to enter into your home and circulate, providing just the right temperature. Unfortunately, as a system gets older and dirtier, dust, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and more can seep indoors. If the vents are blocked and dirty and the filters aren’t regularly replaced, it can severely impact your home’s air quality.

Improve your home’s indoor air quality by:

  • Routinely changing air filters. Check them once a month and replace the filters as needed.
  • Remembering to dust and wipe vent coverings. It might be necessary to unscrew the covering to clean it and the inside of the vent using soap and water.
  • Avoiding blocking vents. Do not move furniture, boxes, or other obstacles in front of a vent. It can inhibit airflow and cause the system to not function optimally.

Lastly, reach out to an indoor air quality professional in Florence to inspect, clean, and repair your system. A-1 Comfort Systems Inc can do all of this and replace parts of your heating and cooling system. Our top priority is helping your home reach the level of comfort and indoor air quality you and your family deserve.

Does Humidity Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Your home's humidity level is directly tied to your indoor air quality. Not only do humidity levels affect overall comfort, they affect overall health. High humidity levels increase the amount of mold and dust mites which leads to more allergy issues. Low humidity can lead to the growth of more bacteria and viruses that will lead to respiratory infections, dry coughing, itchy skin, and constant static electricity.

To learn more about how you can improve your indoor air quality, contact us online or at (843) 588-1711 today!

How A-1 Comfort Systems Inc Works to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

A-1 Comfort Systems Inc takes the health and happiness of our customers very seriously. We combine decades of award-winning experience with state-of-the-art technology to make sure we improve your home’s heating and cooling systems to the most optimal level. You’ll not only feel comfortable all year round, but we focus on improving your devices in ways that will literally help you breathe easier.

Our technicians can clean and replace heat pump filters or drain your air conditioning units before season-long usage. We are not only interested in the act of repairing and replacing your HVAC system; we want to encourage our customers to consider long-term energy-saving solutions.

Proudly Offering iWave IAQ Devices in Florence & Surrounding Communities

At A-1 Comfort Systems Inc, we are pleased to offer customers the best products available to help improve your indoor air quality. iWave air purification devices are innovative systems installed into your air conditioning ducts. The iWave creates ions that reduce the pathogens, allergens, and odors impacting air quality in your home. This patented technology uses nonharmful positive and negative ion creation to attack pollutants in your air. Needle-point bi-polar ionization allows iWave to create the same naturally occurring environmental conditions to reduce allergens in your home and improve air quality.iWave Ion Generator diagram

Maybe you’re wondering, what does this all mean? How does it clean my air? The conditions created by the iWave air purification system create clean air in multiple ways! When encountering harmful viruses or bacteria, the ions attach to the toxic matter and attack its hydrogen molecules, which effectively kills the pathogen. When the ions created by the iWave attach to pathogens and particles, they fuse to them. They continue this process until the particles and ions are large enough to be filtered by your ventilation system. This fantastic technology is small and easily installed in your home HVAC duct system.

Want to learn more? Call A-1 Comfort Systems Inc at (843) 588-1711 or contact us online to schedule an in-person consultation!

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