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What to Know Before Calling an HVAC Professional

Heat PumpSpring is on the way, and that means it could be time to dust off the cooling knob on the HVAC unit.

After a heat and air conditioning unit has spent an entire season either off or focusing on heating rather than cooling, it’s important to make sure everything is in working order before the spring season begins.

Relying on a central heat and air unit for cooling means knowing what signs to look for – does it need repairs or maintenance? How is it possible to tell? Here are some things to know before calling in an HVAC professional for the spring season.

Know How the HVAC Unit is Performing

After trying out the cooling setting for the first time in a while, a person should monitor their unit to ensure it isn’t making any odd noises and emitting any strange odors.

Knowing how the unit is performing can help a person convey whether they need their unit fixed or whether it could simply use a tune up. Even if the answer isn’t exactly clear, observing signs and reporting them to an HVAC professional via phone or email can help them get a better idea of how to help.

It’s also a good idea to talk about how often the unit will be used – even if the spring forecast hasn’t come in yet, knowing how hard the unit will have to work and how far a distance it will have to cool can help HVAC professionals know how to provide the best solutions.

Getting Good HVAC Performance

It is important to know how to service and monitor an HVAC unit properly. If it has to cool a multi-story building or relies on multiple different components, it is wise to monitor all these factors equally.

Knowing how to look for signs of HVAC issues and how to check for basic problems can help any person get better central heat and air conditioning performance.

Just as owners can help HVAC professionals by providing them with more info, these pros can also return the favor by giving valuable maintenance tips to help an owner through the spring season.


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